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Based in the Benedictine tradition of transformation through nurturing education that nourishes the whole student, the academic program at Saint Anselm College carries on the tradition of inquiry that exemplifies a liberal arts education.

Stressing critical reflection, precise thinking and articulate communication, we believe all students, regardless of their chosen field of study or future career path, benefit from developing a well-balanced and agile intellect and a thirst for knowledge that will allow them to continually learn and adapt to a changing world.

As a freshman at Saint Anselm, your journey will begin in our Humanities Program—Conversatio—where you will be introduced to the perennial questions that have faced human kind and the eternal human qualities that enabled past leaders to meet the challenges of their own time.

The Humanities Program is the heart of Saint Anselm's Academic Core, an approach to teaching that equips students with the foundation of knowledge and understanding required to become complete citizens and engaged leaders.

Majors and Minors

Saint Anselm offers 45 majors and 43 minors as well as several pre-professional programs to prepare students for advanced studies in engineering, dentistry, law, medicine, and theology. Whether you're technically minded, artistically gifted, politically inspired, or socially conscious, choosing the right major or minor is a complex task that requires careful consideration.

But fear not! Making this decision should be a process of discovery and our academic advisory team is ready and willing to help all of our undecided students.

Academic Core

In the spirit of what is best in a liberal arts education, the academic core at Saint Anselm College has been designed to offer students a breadth of experience that will prepare them for life; an education that not only provides professional and career preparation, but also encourages a lifelong pursuit of truth that will sustain and enrich their lives. This education is facilitated through a core curriculum composed of a set of common courses and learning outcomes considered essential for the education of students in all majors.

Faculty Expertise

The backbone of Saint Anselm's academic mission, our faculty of 152 full-time professors includes top researchers in the social and physical sciences to political commentators regularly called on by national media for their expert opinions. Our low student to faculty ratio assures students have great access to their instructors.

Majors and Minors A-Z

Our average class size is 18 Anselmians

We don't have terribly big classes, because we think every voice in the room should be heard. While we're talking about numbers, we should mention that we have 45 majors and 43 minors (and we're adding more.)

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Spotlight on Criminal Justice

Mark Sullivan
Mark Sullivan, class of 1977

As the 22nd director of the United States Secret Service, Sullivan has an inside view and a critical role in American history. Sullivan's call to the White House came in 1991 when he was assigned to protect George H.W. Bush. His first presidentail trip was back to New Hampshire for a campaign rally in the first-in-the-nation primary state. Read more »

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