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Diversity and Inclusiveness

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Students celebrate Multicultural Day 2015
Abbey Players' "The Laramie Project" was intended to eliminate discrimination and encourage acceptance
Enough is Enough Campaign T-shirts displayed in Cushing Center in support of an end to violent acts
Multicultural Holiday Dinner to celebrate various cultures represented on campus
Abbey Players' "The Laramie Project" was intended to eliminate discrimination and encourage acceptance

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The Core Council for LGBTQ Students and Ally Support

The Core Council at Saint Anselm College is made up of students, faculty and staff who offer support, seek to respond to and raise awareness of the needs of the LGBTQ students in our community. We live by Saint Anselm College's Benedictine Catholic tradition of creating an inclusive environment, and seek to foster a College community that is respectful of all people. This group seeks to be a resource and to create a safe place, and a judgment free community for all Anselmians.

Questions or inquiries can be sent to

Core Council Members

Joycelin Raho (Assistant Director of Campus Ministry) Co-Chair
Brandon Pratt (Student '17) Co-Chair
Christopher Babcock (Student '18)
David Banach (Philosophy Department)
Taylor Bergstrom (Student '17)
Bethany Gabert (Student '17)
Olive Capone (Student '18)
Emily Craig (Student '18)
Stephanie Goelzhauser (Student '18)
Patrick Hollister (Student '17)
Karlea Joiner (Dean of Students Office)
Carolyn King (Field Hockey Coach)
Amber Lemoyne (Student '19)
Haley Lyons (Student '19)
Jenna Lyons (Student '19)
Jonathan Lupo (English Department)
Claire Ridley (Student '20)
Rebecca Senna (Multicultural Center)
Emerald Shea (Student '20)
Rebecca Signman (Student '19)

Official Charge of the Core Council

The purpose of the Core Council for LGBTQ students is to act as a resource to the Vice President for Student Affairs in identifying the ongoing needs of LGBQ students and to assist in implementing campus-wide educational programming on sexual orientation issues.

The work of this Core Council will ensure that the needs of our students who are LGBTQ will be addressed according to the college's Statement on Sexual Orientation and the Benedictine value of hospitality; specifically that each individual feels welcome in the Saint Anselm community.

Specific Charges to the Core Council

  1. Assist in providing and maintaining a safe and supportive environment for students;
  2. Serve as a resource for students, focusing on the issues, concerns, and needs of gay and lesbian students at Saint Anselm College;
  3. Assist in educating the Saint Anselm community on sexual orientation through workshops and presentations;
  4. Advise the Vice-President of Student Affairs on gay, lesbian and related issues;

The College is committed to inclusivity for all groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Core Council  a club? How do I get involved?
The Core Council is comprised of students, faculty and staff, co-chaired by a college administrator and Vice President of SGA and housed under Student Affairs. A council-based structure allows the group to engage, assist, and educate in multiple areas of community life at Saint Anselm and be sustainable in those efforts over time. Students interested in the Core Council can become involved by attending programming or working on various subcommittees of the Council that organizes activities/programs. Please feel free to contact the Core Council at

Is being part of the Core Council like being an ally?
Saint Anselm already has an established Ally Program comprised of staff, faculty and students trained to provide support in the area of GLB life. But "yes" to the question, in the sense that the Core Council's #1 charge is to help create a safe and supportive environment for students; that sounds like a good definition of an ally.

How does the Core Council provide support?
Each semester the Core Council provides diverse programming ranging from our monthly "Coffee and Conversation" nights, to TED Talks, participation in national educational movements, as well as guest lectures and presentations from students, staff and faculty on a variety of topics.

National Resources

Local Resources

  • Seacoast Outright »
    • Provides a safe space for these youth to meet, socialize, and support one another in an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. 
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